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My name is Nikolay Sturm and I work as a system administrator for a medium-sized enterprise named GeNUA.

When I look at websites or blogs dealing with system administration, these mostly seem to focus on large enterprises and scalable solutions. Unfortunately my work environment is totally different from that. I work with a small team on only a couple of servers but we have total heterogeneity. Not only differ all our servers from each other, but even the people in my team all have different responsibilities. The only area where scalability and homogeneity is important to us is the desktop, as we administer more than 100 workstations and have to support all those users as well.

Since I first stumbled upon agile methods (XP, later Scrum and Lean Manufacturing), I wondered whether and how these could be applied in my own field. I did some experiments but nothing fundamentally changed the way my team and I worked.

With this blog I will try to analyze the methods that interest me most and see what we as system administrators can learn from software developers, car manufacturers (Toyota Production System) and who knows whom else.