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A Pomodoro Timer for the Awesome Window Manager

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I like the pomodoro technique and usually use pomodroido on my android phone. The app notifies me acoustically, which is nice at home but would probably get on my colleagues nerves at work pretty soon. So I figured I needed to integrate a timer with visual notification into my work setup.

Unfortunately there is no good pomodoro timer availabe for my environment of choice (Linux and the awesome window manager), so I build one myself. The timer is based on a tea timer from Jörg Thalheim that you put into your rc.lua and add it to the widget list.

By default it lets you work for 20 minutes and then gives you a 5 minute pause. You can change these values in the code. The widget uses mouse button one to start the timer, mouse button 2 to stop the timer and mouse button 3 to reset the timer. It should be simple to add keyboard shortcuts as well.