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Stand-up Desk Migration for Little Money, an IKEA Hack

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When I remodeled my flat 1 year ago, I chose to downsize my desk and put the PC in an underused corner of the living room. The problem there was, that the corner isn’t too wide, just 114cm. As most desks have a minimal width of 120cm, I was happy to find IKEA’s Vika line with the Vika Amon tabletop just 1m wide. Together with two Vika Lage legs and a Vika Annefors table leg with storage space to hold my PC it cost me just 43 Eur. As the Annefors is quite wide, I moved it a couple of cm to the side and gained some space to put small stuff like my mobile and wallet.

Every now and then I came across someone mentioning their move to a stand-up desk to counter the ill side-effects of sitting all day. One day I figured I’d give it a try, borrowed my girl friend’s ironing board, put some books on top and my laptop on top of those.

It didn’t take me much getting used to and I was quickly oscillating between ironing board and couch with my laptop. Happy as I was, at some point my girl friend needed her ironing board back, so I decided to upgrade to some kind of IKEA hack solution.

After discussing several options with my girlfriend, we settled on buying a second tabletop with some wooden legs to cut to proper length. While searching for the items, we came across the Lack side table for just 5 Eur. We quickly realised, that this was the perfect solution and bought two.

These side tables mix perfectly with my Vika table, but together they are 10cm wider than the Amon tabletop. As described above, this wasn’t much of a problem for me, as I had positioned the Annefors a little to the side. This gave me an effective width of about 114cm to work with. So we cut the side table’s legs, left 2 of them a little longer to compensate for the missing tabletop on the side and there was my new stand-up desk. This is how it looks: