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Cucumber-puppet End of Life

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The time has come to say Good Bye. I won’t do any active development of cucumber-puppet in the foreseeable future. If you are interested in catalog testing, have a look at rspec-puppet instead. If anyone likes to pick up the work, feel free to contact me.

How come?

The reasons are manifold, the most important being that I no longer work with puppet and haven’t followed along with its development. Being a developer now, I am much more interested in learning about development techniques rather than maintaining a tool I have no use for. Unfortunately, maintenance is what cucumber-puppet needs these days. It doesn’t work with ruby 1.9 and is probably not compatible with puppet 3.0 either.

Even worse, I believe more in lint-like tools these days than catalog testing. Not exactly a perfect premise for writing a catalog testing tool. ;-)

I hope cucumber-puppet was helpful to a few people, it certainly was to me.