Losing metrics with the prometheus pushgateway

how to properly push metrics to prometheus pushgateway

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At work, we use Prometheus together with its pushgateway to monitor and alert on backup job execution.

The other day we noticed a failing backup job that did not trigger an alert. Debugging quickly revealed that the pushgateway was losing metrics. Our metrics look like this:

backup_last_success_unixtime{instance_name="some_hostname", job="backup_job"}

We have several jobs with the same job label, running on different hosts, thus I thought these would be recorded as different timeseries. But I oversaw a small detail in pushgateway’s documentation: metric grouping.

When pushing metrics to the pushgateway, you can add metric labels in two ways:

  1. add the label to the URL you are pushing to (job label in the example below)
  2. add the label to the metric name in the body of the POST request (instance_name label in the example below)
cat <<EOF | curl --data-binary @- http://my.pushgateway:9091/metrics/job/backup_job
# TYPE some_metric counter
some_metric{instance_name="hostname1"} 42

My understanding was that it doesn’t matter which way you record the labels. Labels on metrics are all equal, right? What I missed was, that labels mentioned in the URL are used to group metrics together. So if, in the example above, two jobs backup_job push metrics, one with instance_name="hostname1" and one with instance_name="hostname2", pushgateway will only present one metric to prometheus with alternating values for instance_name.

Lesson learned

The pushgateway distinguishes metrics based on their URL.

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