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Recently, we had a workshop with J.B.Rainsberger at work where he introduced us to Value Stream Mapping and Theory of Constraints for improving our software development processes. At the Holidaycheck techblog I take on my Cynefin glasses and comment on that approach.

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With a short delay, the recap of the final day 3 of SRECon Europe 2017. In the morning I jumped around quite a bit, so I didn’t get much of a coherent experience. Statistics for Engineers This workshop was held by Heinrich Hartmann from Circonus. Statistics is the art of extracting information from data. In this workshop, we will visit the statistical methods that are relevant for operating modern IT infrastructures.

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Another day of inspiring talks and discussions is coming to an end. I spend most of my time in Track 1 on Setting up SRE teams and engagements. Setting Up SRE in a Global Financial Organization My first talk of the day was by Janna Brummel and Robin van Zijll of ING. By now, most of us have read the O’Reilly book about Google SRE or have heard of other tech companies’ SRE teams.